Orders are usually despatched within 3 working days. As a one-man-show (along with designing maps, making Youtube videos and regular life), it is impossible for me to dedicate that much time. Nonetheless; your orders are important and also vital to me. I will take as much care as possible handling, packing and providing information and service to you, as possible.

General Notes

  • Shipping on orders above €70 is free.
  • You will also receive email updates on your shipment along with track & trace information where available.
  • You will get free stickers with your order as long as stocks last. Can't guarantee this.

Shipping Destinations


Rate (including tax)
Austria €13


Bulgaria €25
Croatia €25
Cyprus €25
Czechia €15
Denmark €13
Estonia €25
Finland €18
France €13


Greece €25
Hungary €18
Ireland €18
Italy €15
Latvia €25
Lithuania €25
Luxembourg €13
Malta €25

Netherlands (domestic)

Poland €18
Portugal €15
Romania €25
Slovakia €15
Slovenia €18
Spain €15
Sweden €18

Shipping is currently unavailable outside of the EU. Sorry for the inconvenience, I plan on expanding soon. Sign up for email updates to get notified when shipping is expanded.

Shipping Times and Customs

Within the Netherlands your order will probably arrive within one working day of you receiving the Track & Trace code. However outside of the Netherlands the travel times will be longer the further away the package has to travel (obviously). Within Europe probably within 2 days to a workweek.

Outside of the EU you'll also have to deal with customs regulations and possibly tax duties - please be aware of this and take the necessary precautions. Inform with your country's customs service for precise information – I cannot help you with that. Ordering something from abroad always comes with an increased risk attached, however I will always do my best to help out.

Shipping outside the EU

When possible, if you order and ship to a destination outside the EU, you may be required by your national customs agency to pay import duties. Please inform yourself of the possible costs before ordering, all international orders are shipped with the appropriate documentation. Outside of that I cannot help you with this. You may need to submit a customs declaration.

Pick-up (Netherlands only)

For Dutch customers it's possible to also select a "Servicepunt levering". After payment has been received you will be able to select a nearby service point where your order will be sent to for pick-up.

If, for some reason, it wasn't possible to select your service point, please get in touch and we'll make sure it gets sent to the right place.

Square tube with stickers

Posters are shipped rolled up in these large, square tubes. This prevents them from rolling around and saves space. It comes with a handy-dandy tear strip. You'll recognise it's from Sebastiaan thanks to all the stickers.