Catropolis Metro subway map
Catropolis Metro map in frame
Catropolis Metro
Catropolis Metro
Catropolis Metro
Catropolis Metro
Catropolis Metro
Catropolis Metro

Catropolis Metro


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Language English
Print One-sided full-colour
Language English
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Offset print

Size 50x70cm - 19.6x27.5in
Paper size
Paper weight
125 grams
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The official Catropolis Metro map, the only one of its kind. This English-language, B2-poster (50x70cm - 19.6x27.5in) contains every cat species and breed that exists (and once existed), together with many feline word jokes, references and a whole bunch of easter eggs to find.

It's a true puzzle, with a subway network in the shape of a cat. The red line contains all domestic breeds. Other branches of the network represent other feline families: Panthera, lynx, ocelot, and so on. With all subspecies. Plus! The Terrible Cable Car (with a visit to the veterinarian), or the Catropolis Bypass-railway (with stops at Catsuit, Catwalk and Medallion)...

And what's that swimming in the sea...?

B2-sized (50x70cm - 19.6x27.5in), one-sided print. Printed on a lovely 125 grams uncoated paper.

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